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A little bio info…

Based in London, England, my background is science: biology, developmental biology and genetics. Science can seem like a different world to that of photography, but in many ways they are closely linked; I see taking pictures as an extension of the process of experimentation and exploration that is central to science work, as well as a way to reveal and capture the wonder of the natural world.

I work in black and white, with a focus on urban and industrial scenes as well as landscapes and the natural world – these may appear to be very different subject areas, but the same themes appear across them. Underlying my work is an attraction to patterns, lines, contrasts and textures and a fascination with nature – its programmed intricacy, the developmental biology which underlies this, and the way humans seek to imitate it in the structures we build. I find these patterns can be most striking when viewed in the abstract, albeit sometimes with a reference to the ‘real world’, so try to frame my images in this way. Simplicity is also something I am always looking for, particularly in landscapes – and something which is hard to find, but which is all the more special for it.

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